Hypori Use Cases

Military-grade security, zero footprint technology, and 100% separation of personal and corporate data make Hypori the most secure and scalable virtual mobile infrastructure on the market today. Learn why professionals from across the private and public sectors are turning to Hypori for worry-free BYOD device management.


 Secure BYOD Device Management for Any Industry

Hypori is HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, and NIAP compliant and Common Criteria certified. Any organization that collects or deals with confidential information can benefit from Hypori for these reasons:

Zero Footprint with 100% Data Separation

Hypori leverages a pixel delivery model to ensure no data or apps come to rest on any mobile endpoints. Hypori creates a physical and virtual separation between your data and end user devices.

Multiple Layers of Security

Hypori combines seven layers of security (including SE for Android, KVM infrastructure, and TLS 1.2 encryption) to protect your data. Our three-tiered product, which includes the Hypori Server, Hypori Virtual Device, and Hypori App, works to keep your data secure from every angle.

Powerful & Transparent Administrative Panel

System administrators gain access to our best-in-class BYOD device management tools. Easily provision or deprovision devices and users in seconds. Get back to managing your data.

Built for Modern, Data-Driven Organizations

Data propels most businesses today, which is why mobile security has never been more important. Hypori delivers the best of both worlds. Staff get to use their own devices to access corporate data without the traditional risks of BYOD.


Government Agencies & Contractors

Defense organizations and government agencies use Hypori to securely share sensitive apps and data with warfighters, employees, and contractors – without the cost or hassle of secondary devices.


Physicians, nurses, and practitioners can use Hypori to review and manage patient health information from web-enabled devices while ensuring HIPAA compliance.


Financial Services

Financial Services professionals can use Hypori to gain on-the-go access to customer relationship data while ensuring no sensitive information – such as social security numbers or account numbers – ever touches an end user device.

Software & Technology

Tech companies can use Hypori to maintain compliance with GDPR and other privacy mandates by ensuring all customer data resides in a single source of truth – not on end user devices.



K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and technical trade centers can use Hypori to increase accessibility while minimizing hardware costs and administrative overhead.


Multi-national insurance companies, brokers, and local agencies can use Hypori to achieve a truly secure BYOD program that protects sensitive customer data.


Businesses of All Sizes

Global enterprises and high-growth SMBs can use Hypori to provide the right apps, data, and information to end users at scale.

Ready for Scalable, Secure BYOD?