BYOD Videos

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What is Hypori Virtual Mobile Infrastructure?

Meet Hypori, a highly secure virtual mobile infrastructure solution that eliminates the majority of security risks associated with BYOD.

Managing the Risks of Employee Smartphone Programs

Does your organization allow employees to bring their own devices to work? If so, you need a proactive approach to properly manage BYOD risk.

Driving Transformation & Modernization

Jared Shepard of Hypori addresses the biggest challenges facing the federal government in driving transformation and modernization across agencies.

Hypori on SOFIC TV

Hypori utilizes a three-tiered approach to reduce cyber risks, prevent corporate espionage, and ensure end user accessibility.

Is Coffee Threatening Your Mobile Security?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots at places like coffee shops can present many corporate security risks. Here’s why.

How Virtual Mobility Works

Take a brief walk-through to learn how virtual mobility enables secure BYOD at scale.

Digital Transformation & the Federal Government

Jared Shepard of Hypori shares thoughts about the digital transformation currently underway across the federal government.

Is Data the Most Important Asset?

Jared Shepard of Hypori discusses whether or not data is an agency’s most important asset.

AI’s Impact on Agency Operations

Jared Shepard of Hypori weighs in on how emerging technology like AI is impacting federal agency operations and services.