Making BYOD
a Reality

Hypori’s class-leading Virtual Mobile Infrastructure platform delivers a managed and secure environment to power your critical Mobility / BYOD program

What is Hypori?
It’s Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

Our Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform streams any mobile app to any device.

All the apps run on servers in the secure data center, never leaving data or applications at rest on the physical end point. Even if your device is lost, data and apps can’t be compromised.

Why Hypori?

Platform Agnostic

Use any Android or iOS end User device to access enterprise resources. Leverage any app that runs in an Android environment.

Total Control

Establish and maintain full control of access to all enterprise resources and
data. Enforces absolute control of what apps are allowed.

Total Security

Eliminate any concerns about data at rest on the mobile device (it never resides there). Achieve all security and compliance requirements for data loss prevention.

Plays Well With Others

Provide secure communications between the device and enterprise resources. Integrates with existing Mobile Device Management and directory service capabilities.

Military Grade Security

Intelligent Waves LLC’s Hypori Client v4.1 for iOS and Android is eligible to be used as a TLS Software Application Product component in a CSfC solution. This means that in combination with a CSfC listed TLS Protected Server, Hypori provides the inner tunnel for secure communications. Moreover, Hypori is the only capability that is CSfC listed and provides a fully virtualized end user device capability. Hypori allows full control of the virtual device in a controlled environment while not only protecting the communications in transit but also ensuring that there is no communications residue during or after the sessions other than a client running on the phone.

The National Security Agency Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) provides DoD entities the ability to conduct secure classified communications using Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products. Under this program the Mobility Access Capability Package v2.0 provides a framework for how to secure these communications from mobile end user devices into government enterprise resources. Under the MACP v 2.0, communications must be established using an inner and outer tunnel to provide the secure communications path.

More information can be found about CSfC at

Hypori Specifications

Hypori Client

  • Zero footprint, agentless app for iOS and Android
  • Supports PKI Credential based multi-factor authentication
  • Leverages FIPS 140-2 crypto and TLS 1.2 encryption
  • Common Criteria certified

Enterprise Class Solution

  • Enterprise identity support with AD/ LDAP integration
  • Delegated admin privileges for flexible platform management
  • Supports enterprise-class storage integration, including NAS and SAN storage
  • Single virtual OS to develop, test, and support
  • Centralized control and management of the mobile experience
  • Supports third-party monitoring and management tools

Native Mobile Experience

  • Performance-optimized remote mobile experience
  • Dynamic H.264 encoding and audio/video optimizations for improved multimedia experience
  • Rich sensor integration, including screen orientation, GPS, Bluetooth, and more

System Requirements

  • Available as both an on-premise and hosted solution
  • Compute, memory, and storage for on-premise solutions vary based on the specific needs of each organization
  • Contact Hypori to estimate on-premise requirements and costs

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