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Virtual Smartphones Securing Government Mobility

Empowering government to work securely from anywhere on any device


Hypori by Intelligent Waves represents a new and comprehensive approach to Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Device Management. Hypori virtualizes the entire mobile experience – moving everything that matters into a managed and secure environment.

What else? Hypori is the only NSA CSfC approved virtual smartphone solution.

Today’s mobile device and endpoint management solutions are undifferentiated, lacking in functionality, and ultimately leave data vulnerable to cyber criminals. Agencies are losing the ability to manage and secure data on the device endpoint. Traditional solutions are poorly suited to address the needs of the next generation of enterprise mobility. Hypori is a powerful and unique solution to address these needs, leveraging innovations in device virtualization and Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) technologies to provide alternative solutions.

Now you can delivery a mobility program that is:

  • Secure and Compliant

    Hypori mitigates the risk of data at rest from both mobile Android and iOS platforms.

  • Managed and Controlled

    Hypori enables secure, managed access to controlled enterprise resources via BYOD or uncontrolled commercial devices.

  • Government Embraced

    Hypori is already being adopted by customers such as the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Special Operations Command.

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VMI Platform

Hypori’s Virtual Mobile Infrastructure platform gives access to virtual mobile devices running in the data center or cloud. The solution keeps all data and apps off the mobile device, solving mobile security and management challenges.

Components of the VMI Platform

Why Hypori

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