The Future of Secure Mobility

Protect your data from every type of threat with zero data at rest.

Hypori puts the power and speed of the cloud on your device and in your hand, by delivering a separate, 100% private, virtual workspace on any mobile device without transmitting data to the device. More secure and simple than legacy MDM, Hypori empowers employees on their personal devices while remaining compliant and reducing liability and security risks.

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What is Hypori?

Hypori delivers remote access to enterprise apps by adding a separate, secure, virtual workspace to any mobile device. It uses cloud-based, zero-trust architecture, guarantees no data on the device and 100% separation of personal and enterprise data reducing security, liability, and privacy risks. Companies and Government agencies using bring-your-own-device, BYOD, programs can finally empower their workforce to operate with 100% privacy from any personal device.

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Secure Mobility for Modern Organizations

Simple, separate, workplace mobility with military-grade security and compliance.

Create transparency and control over your organization’s enterprise apps, data and IP with Hypori. 

BYOD Costs


Eliminates the need for a second mobile device or to manage various device operating systems and environments

BYOD Zero Footprint


Pixel delivery model keeps controlled data in your secured network and off of end-user devices

BYOD Security


Enables enterprise customers to connect to multiple secure enclaves from a single smartphone device

BYOD Transparency


Powerful admin console delivers granular control and real-time access to end-user consumption of enterprise data

Worry Free BYOD


One-click app locking simplifies offboarding and lost device management without the need to remotely wipe the device

BYOD Compliance


CSfC*, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, NIAP compliant and Common Criteria certified

multi device support


Allows end users to utilize their personal iOS, Android, and Windows 10 device without exposing private usage data to the company

Intuitive BYOD


Intuitive smartphone environment provides familiar device interface, expediting user adoption

BYOD Data Separation


Virtual mobile infrastructure creates a physical and virtual separation between devices and enterprise data

Why Hypori?

Hypori creates a physical and virtual separation between devices and enterprise data, leaving no data on the mobile device, eliminating the challenges and security risks associated with remote workforce solutions. 

Enterprise Solutions

REST API, AD/LDAP integration, built-in support for Monit, Splunk, and Logstash, MDM compatibility.


Multiple Layers of Security

Utilizes seven security layers to protect enterprise data and apps, including KVM infrastructure, SELinux, and TLS 1.2 encryption.

Enhanced Performance

Increases network and device performance by leveraging the power of the cloud instead of the device.

End-User Privacy

End users can confidently utilize their personal Android or iOS device without exposing their private data to the company.

Hypori for Every Industry




Small Business


Simple, Separate, Secure. Proven.

What is Hypori

Layered Security & Pixel Delivery

Hypori utilizes a three-tiered approach to reduce cyber risks, prevent corporate espionage, and ensure end user accessibility.

End users install the Hypori App on their existing Android or iOS device, providing a secure and convenient method for accessing their Hypori virtual workspace. The Hypori App leverages FIPS 140-2 crypto and TLS 1.2 encryption, supports PKI Credential based multi-factor authentication, and is Common Criteria certified.

Launching the Hypori App enables end user access to the Hypori virtual workspace that emulates a second smartphone environment. The Hypori virtual workspace allows end users to install apps and securely access enterprise data without technical assistance.

Centralized Hub for Simple Administration

SaaS delivery from the cloud allows system administrators to easily manage authentication, provisioning, virtual workspace hosting, and APIs. Out-of-the-box integrations with monitoring, reporting, and MDM systems are also available.

Hypori Admin

Enables enterprise identity and access management via AD & LDAP integration

Provides superior multimedia experience with performance-optimized voice, video, and data

Supports PKI Credential-based multi-factor authentication

Supports enterprise-class storage integrations, including NAS and SAN storage

Hypori is Available on Microsoft AppSource

As a Microsoft Alliance Partner operating in Azure, Hypori is proud to offer our solution on Microsoft AppSource; an online marketplace containing certified business applications and services built by industry-leading software providers.


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*The National Security Agency Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) provides DoD entities the ability to conduct secure classified communications using Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products. Under this program the Mobile Access Capability Package v2.0 provides a framework for how to secure these communications from mobile end user devices into government enterprise resources. Under the MACP v 2.0, communications must be established using an inner and outer tunnel to provide the secure communications path. Hypori Client v4.2 for iOS and Android is eligible to be used as a TLS Software Application Product component in a CSfC solution. This means that in combination with a CSfC eligible TLS Protected Server, Hypori is eligible to provide the inner tunnel for secure communications.

IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.