Hypori FAQs

What is Hypori?
Hypori is a highly secure virtual smartphone that allows your users to perform regular business tasks on their mobile devices with zero footprint on any device while ensuring 100% separation of enterprise and personal data.
What’s the difference between Hypori and my current MDM?

Hypori keeps all of your enterprise data remote, which closes the door to hackers, malware, or malicious apps. Hypori’s truly secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) eliminates device inventory, dramatically reduces hardware costs, and minimizes licensing fees. Hypori eliminates the administrative headaches of BYOD and allows administrators to manage and develop in a single environment. Install and deploy any app that’s available on the Google Play™ store.

What devices are supported?
Hypori is compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and Windows® devices.
Which of my business apps can I use with Hypori?
Hypori allows iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows device users to install any smartphone business app to meet business productivity needs.
How do my employees access the Hypori app?
Your employees can access Hypori for Android through the Google Play store. Hypori for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store® online. Hypori for Windows can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store online.
Does Hypori meet compliance standards?
Yes, Hypori is CSfC*, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, NIAP compliant and Common Criteria certified.
Does Hypori gain control over my personal handset and data?
No, Hypori is an agentless app that guarantees 100% separation of personal and corporate data.
Can I enroll a “jailbroken” device?
Yes, Hypori eliminates any concerns about data at rest on mobile devices (it never resides there).
Will Hypori slow down my device or drain the battery?
No, Hypori does not negatively impact your device’s performance or battery life.
What happens if an employee loses his/her phone?
If an employee loses his or her phone, your BYOD admin can lock that user’s Hypori app with a single click. Since there is no data on the phone, no further action is required.
What if an employee no longer wants Hypori on his or her device?
End users can uninstall Hypori from their devices at any time.
What happens when an employee leaves the organization?
With one click, an intuitive administrative console enables rapid offboarding of any user’s access to the Hypori environment.
How can I get Hypori?

Hypori is available in 2 convenient options based on your needs:

1. Fully Managed Service: Organizations with a minimum of 100 users can get Hypori as a fully managed service, which is hosted in our own data centers. In this instance, the organization signs up for the number of users they need and pays an annual fee.

2. Hypori Appliance Buyout: The customer buys the appliance and installs it within their data center. The customer owns the Hypori appliance and only pays for renewal and support each year after that. This model is great for large enterprises or government agencies (end user customer verification required).

How do I set up my Hypori Account?

Please see attached Hypori Account Setup link.

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